Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Another 5 K Run After Work

I ran 5 K tonight.
This time at a slightly faster pace than yesterday.
I'm staying over night tomorrow in Kokura, Kyushu
to get ready for a corporate seminar that starts at 9:15 am on the following morning. I don't think I can make time for a run there. So I decided to hit the road now.

I basically ran the same route as the one I ran yesterday.
But I make a minor change. I avoided several corners near my house, and took a straight road. This allowed me to keep a fast pace without slowing down at the corners. I enjoyed cranking up the pace along the straight.

I ran the first 2.5 K in 12:20.26, and the next in 11:35.06
to cover total 5 K in 23.55.32.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

5 K Jog After Work

I jogged 5 K after coming from work.
I ran the usual 2.5 K circular course twice.
The last lap was 12:56.58.
The second was 12.10.11.
I felt great after the run.

I'm going to to do some hill sprints tomorrow morning
if I feel strong enough.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Alternate Runs: [1-Minute Jog + 1-Minute Fast Run] by 10 Sets

I ran for twenty minutes after work today,
because I was just in the mood to.
I had a very productive day, getting a lot done
both in private life and at work,
and I wanted to do something that I like
just to reward myself for all the jobs well-done.

I did alternate runs today.
A slow jog seemed to monotonous.
It was too late to do major interval training;
I have an early start tomorrow.
So I decided to do something in between.
In alternate run you jog for a minute,
and run fast for another minute,
and repeat this cycle all together ten times.

Lactic acid started building up in my legs
around the sixth set.
I knew it because my legs started feeling heavy.
But I recovered while doing the following three sets,
and in the last set I finished fairly strongly.
I'm glad I did the training.
My mind is totally refreshed.
But physically I'm so exhausted.
I am ready to sleep like a baby.

One more day to go, and then I have two days off.
I've got some exciting plans lined up for the weekend.
Cannot wait.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Movie Review: "Untouchable" (1987)

"Untouchable" is a 1987 crime drama starring Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, Robert De Niro and Andy Garcia.

Without giving too much away, the story is about Treasury agent Eliot Ness played by Kevin Costner. He tries to collapse Al Capone's crime syndicate, but nothing works because the whole city of Chicago is corrupt from top to bottom.

One day he sees a cop on the beat named Jim Malone (played by Sean Connery). Agent Ness sees in Officer Malone pride as a guardian of law, and a flame of commitment to justice still flickering at the bottom of his heart.

Ness asks Malone for help to bring Capone to justice, and Malone agrees only on the condition that Ness himself should also commit fully to the difficult task ahead.

All in all, Director Brian De Palmo, who also directed "Mission Impossible" (1996) later on, has coaxed Oscar-worthy performances from all four main characters mentioned above, and one of them actually did get Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Sean Connery). Kevin Costner and Andy Garcia are still so young and full of vibrancy. And Sean Connery shows an aspect of his talent different from those seen in his 007 role. Robert De Niro's sinister presence and unstoppable arrogance in his role as a Mafia Boss are also worth checking out.

It's a movie worth seeing even 30 years after its first release. If you haven't decided what to do this weekend, you should check it out. If you are a Amazon Prime member, you can see it on your PC with no additional charge.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Reward for a Good Job Done: 200 M by 5 Sets Hill Sprint

I completed a big job yesterday in Nagoya.
I was a two-hour seminar to an audience of 700 people.
Prep for the event was highly stressful,
but once it started rolling,
it turned into a tremendously exciting, and dramatic event.
I was burned out when it was done.
And I wanted something totally physical
in order re-set my mind.
What I chose to achieve this goal this morning
was hill sprint.
I jogged to the venue which is 1.5 K from home,
and did 5 sets of hill sprint over a distance of 200 M.
I jogged back home to cover total 4 K.
The details are as follows:
1.5 K jog: 8:46.16
1st set: 39.09
Rest: 1:47.75
2nd set: 37.91
Rest: 2:08.36
3rd set: 38.18
Rest: 2:00.70
4th set: 38.21
Rest: 2:00.19
5th set: 38.76
1.7 jog: 10:37.20
Total 4 K: 30:32.51

Friday, April 7, 2017

After Work Reward: 2.5 K Jog

I jogged 2.5 K after coming home from work.
I needed it badly because I did a new seminar today,
and I did it so wholeheartedly
that I was still so excited
that I couldn't immediately go to bed.
I wanted to go blank by doing something purely physical.
Therefore, jogging!
I ran 2.5 K in minimalist split-toe shose MUTEKI.
It took me 12:50.30 to cover the distance.
I enjoyed directly feeling the shock of landing
as the shoes have no cushioning.
The feeling is so great
that I don't think I can go back to running in regular shoes
with cushioning.
It's too civilized, and not for me
who take pride in living simply.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Karate Training Continues.

I've been doing karate training for four consecutive days.
I do this for the purpose of improving my ability to defend myself
against potential assault, as well as of increasing my explosive power
of both my upper and lower body.
When I did it four days ago, after a long absence of practice,
I was as clumsy as if wearing a turtle shell.
But as I continued, I slowly improved on flexibility
as well as coordination.
The practice this morning was probably the best of four.
I particularly saw my single-legged stability improved
when I tried a series of different kinds of kicks.

It takes about half an hour to go through the basic training of Kyokushin karate
that consists of warm up, punches (with an elbow attack included), defense techniques, hand sword offense techniques, and kicks.
When the whole training is over, I am reasonably out of breath and sweaty to the point where I need to take a shower immediately.

I especially see a clear benefit of doing some unusual kicks
such as 'uchimawashigeri' (内廻し蹴り) and 'sotomawashigeri' (外廻し蹴り).
I do not know the official English name of either of them.
For now let me just call them 'inner windmill kick' and 'outer windmill kick"
What I like about them is that both engage the inner and outer thigh.
They are important muscles in running.
They are naturally trained as you run.
But the process is gradually.
But the kicks mentioned above put a significant amount of stress on both the inner and outer thigh.
It is a very good off-season training for running.
It's like killing two birds with one stone.
You can improve your defensive competence.
And you can strength the muscles that you are going to use in full swing
once the race season begins this coming September.

I would like to carry on with this new habit of mine.